Job Posting Guidelines

Job Posting Guidelines for Employers


Job Information Platform (JIP) is Lingnan University’s job board managed and maintained by the Career Advising team of the Student Services Centre. The services is offered free to employers. Before registering as our employment partners and posting a job campaign to our students and recent graduates (full-time working experience less than 3 years), please read our Terms and Conditions first and the following guidelines:

1.    All postings must be appropriate for Lingnan university students or fresh graduates at degree level or above. 

2.    Advertisers are advised to provide email contact with company domain name instead of using Gmail or Hotmail accounts. If your email address does not include a company domain name, please contact us: 26167366 / 26167404 /26167406 or email us: Advertisers are then required to provide company correspondence and name card before we can accept any job posting request.

3.    All postings must comply with the Minimum Wage Ordinance. Monthly basic salary for full-time graduate opening should be at $8500 or above.

4.    All job postings / campaigns are required to provide as much information as possible regarding the company, position, job duties, work location, requirements and application process. Salary information is a required field as this comes with part of the free service. Employers may, however, choose to disclose or not to disclose to students/graduates.

5.    Only one position can be advertised in each posting / campaign; with the exception of learning centres and tutorial centres who are recruiting teaching or tutoring positions.

6.    In any case, an employer is limited to no more than 8 job postings / campaigns per day.

7.    For learning centres and tutorial centres, only one job campaign is allowed per day, and all vacancies must be listed in the job campaign.

8.    Unless an earlier closing date is indicated, all postings are for a period of 30 days.

9.    Duplicate postings for the same club, learning center, company or organization are NOT allowed. Such postings will be removed.

10. Although we welcome third-party recruiters like recruitment agencies, such agencies will be required to verify in advance whether they are recruiting for their own organizations or for their clients. In situations where the third-party firm is recruiting for positions within its own organization, the firm must clearly differentiate such opportunities from its client engagements. Failure to abide by these third-party requirements will result in loss of access to JIP, or have job campaigns being removed.

11. Insurance agents and direct sales distributors will have to supply additional information to JIP administrators for approval of their registration and job. For insurance agents, please liaise through your central administrative office / agency administration for any job posting requests.

12. JIP does not accept postings for volunteer work/ work that requires an applicant to pay a fee for job offers or interviews.

JIP reserves the right to update and revise the guidelines at any time and without prior notices.

In case of any dispute arising from the guidelines, the decision of the Career Advising team of Student Services Centre shall be final.